African Cubs

Infants - 16 to 24 months

We have separated the baby rooms so that the quality of care is at the highest level with the individual needs and requirements of each little one being met as swiftly as possible. The African cubs are for our infants 16 months and over who are much more mobile and ready for bigger challenges.

We have higher ratios than in other centres across all of our rooms but especially in the babies room as we understand just how important a higher level of support is at this very young age.


Infants - Routine

6.30- Centre opens –Family and children are greeted on arrival. Educator s communicates with families about their child and any messages to be passed on.

7.00 – Breakfast / morning group in Noah’s Ark Room – inside activities for Noah’s Ark and African Cubs (Family grouping with siblings before going into own rooms) 

8.15 am -Separate into own rooms with Educator (s) in the room, When the children are prepared to go outside they have sunscreen, hat and appropriate clothing on for sun protection.   Outside free play consist of: v Experiences ,resources and materials such as:  Climbing equipment, balls, crawling tunnels, floor mats, and hoops, push along toys, bouncers, music and movement, small obstacle course, play mats, manipulation toys, craft experiences, puzzles, soft toys, sensory play, blocks, sand play, books and stories, circle games and children’s interests experiences. Indoor free play consists of: v Experiences ,resources and materials such as:  Tummy time, soft toys, ball games, walkers, sensory play, reading stories and nursery rhymes and music, craft, manipulation and sensory experiences, dramatic play experiences.  

4.15pm- Family grouping – which includes circle games, activities and experiences for all age groups - late afternoon tea supplied for children who are still at the centre – with Noah’s Ark Routine and shoes  to be put on and lockers to be cleaned up and packed away for leaving the centre.

5.15-6.00pm- Late afternoon tea in dining room and craft experiences in art room – numbers Family and children are greeted when picking up their child. Educator s communicates with families about their child and any messages to be passed on to them about their child’s day. 6.00pm Centre Closes