Garden Bugs

Toddlers - 2 - 2.5 years

You will be swept away by our toddlers Garden Bugs Room – this is the room for the youngest of our terrific two’s!!

This learning environment has been designed around energy!! We even have our own THEMED INDOOR SOFT PLAY AREA normally only seen at indoor play centres!

Miniature beds and miniature toilets and all the exploratory and sensory equipment built to size now that our toddlers are growing up!

They even have their very own playground built just for them with their own sandpit, cubby houses and soccer nets! And yes! REAL grass to run around on – just as nature intended.


Garden Bugs Routine ( Flexible - Routine)

6.30- Centre opens

7.00am – Breakfast / morning group in Garden Bugs Room with Ocean World Room Children – inside activities for all age groups. (Family grouping with siblings before going into own rooms) 

8.15am –Indoor play experiences,(set up based on children’s interests, needs and development)

8.30am - Outdoor free play, (set up based on children’s interests, needs and development, transition to bathroom)

9.15am- Morning tea -Children are encouraged to socially communicate with peers at the table as well as develop self-help skills and independence

9.45 – Morning meeting, day of the week, weather.  

10.15 - Indoor experiences, (set up based on children’s development, needs and interests).

11.15pm- Group time and progress into two groups for Language/ story time, transition to bathroom.

11.45am - Lunch - Children are encouraged to socially communicate with peers at the table as well as develop self help skills and independence

12.15 pm–Rest time – Children are encouraged to rest or sleep on the beds, rest time activities are planned for children who do not sleep

1.30pm – Indoor quiet activities

2.30pm - Afternoon Tea, (shoes to be put on, lockers to be tidied up to prepare for leaving the centre)

3.00pm- Music and movement group time, prepare to transition outside 3.15pm- Outside free play which includes circle games and physical experiences.

4.15pm- Pack away outside and prepare for family grouping. Children are encouraged to help pack and tidy up own lockers

5.15pm-  Family grouping in the Garden Bugs Room - which  includes late afternoon tea,  circle games, activities and experiences for all ages. 6.00pm Centre Closes PLEASE NOTE This routine is flexible and it depends on the children’s interests, needs and development. Nappy changing and toileting are scheduled throughout the day and also checked when needed.  

Garden Bugs Staff

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