Circus Stars

Prep - 4 to 5 years

Welcome to our Prep Room!

We believe that our educational program will be second to none and we even have our own INTERACTIVE SMART BOARD in this room to take our learning to an even higher level.

These are almost unheard of in childcare but we have spared no expense! Our school readiness program will continue and will compliment the phonics programs used in local primary schools.

Our Early Childhood Teachers are trained up to early primary years thus ensuring that our programs are designed around preparation for school entry.

Our pre-school and prep room have a playground away from the younger children where their gross motor skills are further developed and extended.

Circus Star Room

6.30am- Centre opens

7.00am – Breakfast / morning group in Circus Star Room, – inside activities. (Family grouping with siblings before going into own rooms) 

8.15am- Separate into own rooms - Inside play experiences, (transition to outside play), Outdoor free play, (set up based on interests, needs and development, (transition to bathroom)  

9.30am- Morning tea - Children are encouraged to socially communicate with peers at the table as well as develop self -help skills and independence.

10.00am - Morning meeting, day of the week, weather and Jolly Phonics, (transition to indoor experiences/activities)

11.00am –Inside free play, (set up based on interest, needs and development, (transition to bathroom)

  11.45am - Group time and separate into two groups for Language/ story time, smart board, transition to bathroom - Mondays and Fridays will also incorporate French Lessons,

12.15pm - Lunch, (Children are encouraged to socially communicate with peers at the table as well as develop self-help skills and independence)

12.45 pm– Rest time – Children are encouraged to rest on a mat or if desired sleep on a bed, rest time activities are planned for children who do not sleep

2.00pm - Indoor experiences/ activities, Smart board – experiences

2.45pm – Music and movement group time, transition to bathroom.

3.00pm - Afternoon Tea. Children are encouraged to tidy up own lockers, materials into bag to prepare for leaving and put shoes on, transition for outside

3.15pm - Outside play which includes circle games, physical experiences, pack away outside, transition for inside.

4.15pm – Family grouping in the Circus Star Room, late afternoon tea, circle games, music and movement and free indoor activities. 6.00pm Centre closes 

Prep Room Staff

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